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Protection Networks in Mirandopolis

  • DDD e Telefone: 11- 5524-7412
  • Endereço: Rua Pirituba,
  • Site:
  • Cidade: São Paulo
  • Estado: São Paulo
  • País: Brasil
  • CEP: 04052-120
  • Anunciado em: 9 de dezembro de 2017 20:12
  • Expira: 957 dias, 8 horas
Protection Networks in Mirandopolis
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Detalhes do Anúncio:

Quality and Maximum Safety

We specialize in windows, balconies, service area, swimming pools, stairs, balconies, we perform roof structures and balconies in iron or aluminum.

Protects: children, elderly, cats, dogs and for pigeons and bat etc. . . .
In colors: Crystal, White, Black, Brown and Sand.
High density polyethylene, against ultraviolet rays, durability from 08 to 10 years.
500 kg / m² resistance

Tested and approved by ISO 9002 / Bauer Falcon / FEI and SENAI.
Call Center: (011) 5524-7412 Antonio
Phones: (011) 5541-8283 / 98391-0505 tim – Whatsapp

(We offer as guarantee, two decades of good services)

Always be very attentive.
the safety of their children,
do not leave them alone
near the windows and
unprotected balconies.

Structure for coverage,
Structures for protection nets,
Networks for closing of areas,
Safety nets for balconies,
Protection nets for stairs,
Protection Networks for apartments,
Protective nets for houses,
Protection Networks for coverage,
Safety nets for children,
Protection Networks for Structures,
Protective nets for cats,
Protection Networks for gradil,
Protective nets for the elderly,
Protective nets for windows,
Protective nets for pigeons,
Protection Networks for balconies,
Protection Networks for terrace,
Protection Networks for mezzanines,
Protection nets for birds,
Protective nets for animals,
Protection Screens for Cats
We specialize in CATS,
Networks for child safety,
Safety nets for cats,

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